A full toothless patient need an acrylic denture to restore the chewing function, and the aesthetics. Partial denture is made when the patient still have some teeth, however not enough to prepare them for a bridge.

Denture types, materials

The full denture is made from acryl. The partial denture has a metal alloy base, covered by acrylic. In both cases the teeth are plastic. Ceramic teeth can be used in special cases only. Partial dentures can be fixed to existing teeth in a lot of ways. The best method is using precision attachments. This is called combined work, because there is a fix abutment as well as a removable part. When the denture is put in the mouth, it stands in a very stable position and the attachment is not visible.

Making the denture

At the first visit, precise impressions are taken of both the maxillary and mandibular arches. This visit, we fix and measure the central occlusion. We find out the exact colour of the teeth. During the next appointment, we try in the teeth in wax. Finally, when the denture are aesthetically correct we install it to the patient. The whole process takes about 4 to 6 workdays form the first visit, and 6 to 8 days in case of combination work.

Post-denture complications

There can be sensitive area of the gum after a few days wearing the denture. This can be castigated at the office. The whole accomodation time is about 6 weeks. Dentures can cause some bone and gum recession, therefore a new denture should be made every 8 to 10 years to accommodate the changing conditions in the mouth.