Cast post build-up


The purpose of dentistry is to ensure that the patient’s teeth are healthy and complete. This is why the replacement or treatment of sick teeth is important. If the tooth fractures and the root remains intact, the missing part can be reconstructed using a post and core placed inside the root.

Preparation for treatment

It is a fact, that a post can only be placed in a root canal-treated tooth. A root-filling need to be completed first. The post can be placed in the tooth 24 hours later. We take an x-ray to make sure that the surrounding area around the root is not inflamed.

The reconstruction process

After preparing the root canal and the remaining tooth surface, we take an impression. In the next appointment, we fix the post into the root. We take an other impression, and the dental technician will make the crown, which will be cemented  onto the abutment during the next time.

Contraindication for a cast post build-up

Curved, narrow, subgingivally fractured root, or in some cases multi rooted molars are contraindicated making post bulid-up.

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