Crowns and bridges


Crowns can be indicated to cover a root canal treated tooth, as well as cementing a post. After tooth removal a bridge is advisable if the dental implant is contraindicated for some reason.

Steps of making crowns and bridges

While preparing the occlusal surface and the side of the tooth, we are creating a smooth surface on the teeth that the crown can be cemented on. After this we take lower and upper impressions. Protecting the teeth from sensitivity in some cases we place provisional crowns. Following this the dental technician fabricates the crown or bridge in different steps. We try in each phase in our clinic. If necessary the final state will be placed temporarily, and we fix it permanently later.

Material of crowns and bridges

We use 100% porcelain crowns in our office. These crowns and bridges are tooth-colored. The metal frame below the porcelain could either be nickel-chromium alloy or gold. The advantage of gold is that the bacteria can not be multiply under the crowns, because of the disinfectant attribute of the gold. We use furthermore full porcelain material. The frame is a very hard material so called Cercon, which does not contain any metal.

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